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Michelle's journal of an obsessive mind.

obsessive mind

ihategohip(Michelle g)
Hi I am Michelle. I am 22. Hanson rocks my world do they rock yours?!

Things can't be taken back
so just move on
Choose to forget
It always better that way
don't dwell on who was right or wrong
Things that break you
will always make you stronger
realize that you only have one life
and cherish it
Hold on to friends
cause you will always need someone
to lean on
cry on
and of course blame everything on
With everything said and done
realize it doesn't matter for its' been done
the wounds have been cut
but they will heal
And the tears have been shed
So cry No more
In life we all feel like failures sometimes
just remember to get back up
and climb the obstacles
It won't be easy
it could be painful
We all have to bleed sometimes
It shows that we are human
We make mistakes
So choose to forget
it easiest for wounds to heal
By pretending they were never there
So that we might be friends again
And learn that nothing should be taken for granted
And nothing taken too seriously
because we only have one life to lead
And easiest to fail together instead of alone.

I love putting headphones on and rocking out getting totally lost in the music.

Don’t tell us we don’t have a clue because you are scared that the melody is in our veins. Don’t tell us to stop chasing because you have no tour bus to follow. Don’t tell us to stop dreaming because you realized you never took the time to fall in love with anything but yourself. Don’t tell us we aren’t serious because we will show you the brands on our skin. Don’t tell us to grow up because you didn’t have a silly orange CD to help you through your adolescence. And last but not least, don’t tell us we won’t survive because we’ll all tell you that the music lives. The music lives.

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